Josie Garthwaite is a freelance journalist who writes about science, technology, and environment.

Based in San Francisco, I often write about ideas and inventions born (or at least raised) in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. As a reporter on assignment for publications including Discover Magazine, National Geographic Digital Media, The New York Times, and Wired Magazine, I’ve covered tenacious electric car makers, giant invasive bullfrogs, the clash of conservation and energy interests in the Monterey Shale, and much more. In early 2014, I co-founded the environmental reporting project Climate Confidential with a “supergroup” of independent journalists.

I’ve been a staff writer for the GigaOM Network’s cleantech blog and its research service, GigaOM Pro. I’ve also been a lifestyle editor for magazines from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and the Sierra Club. Other places where my work has appeared include BusinessWeek.comGristThe Huffington Post, Plenty, Sierra Magazine, Smithsonian.comTechnology Review, and Whole Living.

In addition to editing and writing for magazines, newspapers, and blogs, I have provided expert commentary for radio programs from Martha Stewart, the Sierra Club, and NPR, hosted episodes of GigaOM’s video series, and moderated conference panels.

What’s your story? Tell me about your innovative ventures and exciting or troubling discoveries. If you are interested in having me write or edit for your publication, appear on your program, or participate in your event, let’s talk. 

You can email me here or drop me a line at 415-323-0239. If you’re so inclined, you can also sign up here for my mailing list.

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